AN ACRONYM...         R.H: RAPHAEL HAIM,        O: OUZIEL,        S: SARA,         E: ELIYAHU,        Y: YOSEPH...          MY CHILDRENS NAMES


Our humble beginnings...

Established in early 2001, me and my wife (Rose) started a small cookie operation in the basement of our home. Actually a friend who owned a grocery store pushed us to get started, said he would buy all that we can produce.

Rabbi Shammah of Shevet Hahim Congregation gave us our first hashgacha. Being a local rabbi, who actually cared about his community, and it's people. Unfortunately, we we're able to produce more then our friend could take.

We started selling to others, but since our hashgacha was a local rabbi, who was not so well known, we took on Rabbi Yisroel Gornish, who would not give supervision to individuals working out of their basement. But with pressure from our rabbi, and friends in the business, and with some modification to our basement, which cost us allot of money, we were up and running.

When the cookie and cakes explosion occurred in the early millennium, and it was cheaper to import then to produce, we turned from making cookies to meat products.

Once we found out what was involved in dealing with meat, and all it's legal requirement, we shut down for about a year, while we started our current business. It took that long to get a USDA grant of inspection (there are allot of requirements).

BIG MISTAKE, once we shut down, others filled in what we started, and stores that we had setup needing product were all too happy to fill their shelves. We lost allot customers. While we we trying to do things legally, others were just doing.

But...   Here we are, many years later. Not getting rich, but thank GOD, making enough to feed a family.

I hope you enjoy our products, we take great pride in making them. We try very hard to improve on what we do and how we do it. and we take customer input very seriously.