USDA Compliance


It is illegal to sell meat  or meat products out of ones facility without a USDA grant of inspection. Therefore we have a grant of inspection. Establishment number 33954 for beef, and P-33954 for poultry. We are listed on the USDA web site at


All our Product are made under a HACCP program, meeting strict USDA guidelines for quality and food safety.

All our products carry a production date. This is done in order to trace back from where the meat originated, and find any problems throughout the process, this provides the USDA accountability and trace-ability.

All USDA Facilities have an inspector in their facility, and we are no different. All inspectors are rotated every six month.

All USDA facilities must get labeling approval for their product, and we are no different. All our labels and a packaging has been approved by Washington DC.

For more information on USDA facilities and their guidelines please visit the USDA web site at For more information about our compliance, please Email us at

All our fully cooked and not fully cooked beef meet strict USDA Cooking Guidelines. Our raw products do not

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