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Why are we the healthier choice ?




  Mini Pizza (lahma ba'jene)


  Beef Ravioli




  Kebbe Hamda

  Egg rolls


  Barbecue Buns

  Yabra (Stuffed Grape Leaves)

  Chinese Steam Buns



Serving up delicious treats


Beef and Onions inside a bulgur wheat casing.



Moroccan Cigars

Beef inside a spring roll wrapper. Spicy, Hot, Mild.



Featured Products 


Dough with chicken filling.



Italian dumplings.



Stuffed Flaky Dough


Top News 

  Faster Machines

New investments in the company have yielded faster production and better tasting  products, plus a wider selection.

  Filtered Water

We filter our water for our products, So you always get the best tasting product


  USDA Compliance

New regulations in the U.S.D.A. All labels must now state allergens. Nutrition Labels now declare trans fat content. We at Rose Gourmet have made changes to our labels to conform to new regulations

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