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Moroccan Cigars

סיגר בשר


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We offer our cigars in Retail Packaging as well as Bulk for Caterers and Restaurants.

Once you taste it them, you'll know why we cannot make enough, and you can't stop at one.

Since using the word Moroccan refers to a location, and our cigars are made in the USA, the USDA requires us to call them "Moroccan Brand Cigars", or "Spicy Beef Wraps", which we do on our label.

Nutritional Information

Although we cannot give you an exact formula to our product we can provide you basic ingredients and allow you to twick it according to your particular taste.


Springroll Dough;
 They can be found in any grocery or supermarket.

 Although traditionally beef is used, you can use chicken, turkey, or vegetables.
 Remove as much fat and moister from the beef for a dry, and a healthier mix.

Fresh Garlic;
 Finally chop the garlic in a food processor.

 Cumin, Salt, Black Pepper, Cyann Pepper

Cooking instructions:

Bake, or for authentic taste, fry until golden brown. remember to use USDA guideline for cooking beef.

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