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Although it comes in different shapes. We prefer to make ours as a roll. Other shapes are triangle or rectangle.

The same process will make a puff. Just fold the ends in to form a flower.

Yoshon Flour is used.

Basically a puff pastry dough, with beef stuffing.

Nutritional Information

Although we cannot give you an exact formula to our product we can provide you basic ingredients and allow you to twick it according to your particular taste.


 A pretty difficult thing to make, just easier to purchase. Most supermarkets will have something good for you to use.

 Although traditionally beef is used, you can use chicken, turkey, or vegetables.

 Sauté the onions before mixing it into the beef.

 Allspice, Salt, Cinnamon

Cooking instructions:

Bake in pre-heated oven at 375° for 30 min, or until golden brown. remember to use USDA guideline for cooking beef.

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